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Convert your bold ideas
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Call on me to design a distinctive website that reflects your image and for your digital projects

Véronique Tisserand - Independant consultant

For good idea and true innovation you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate...

Margaret Heffernan


Full outsourcing services provided for companies or individuals


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WooCommerce | Prestashop


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Microsoft 365

Why should I hire a freelancer rather than an agency?

It's primarily about defining your priorities: budget, completion time, and project scope... While an agency can support you long-term on very large and disruptive projects with a presumably higher cost, you can count on me to determine the project's feasibility and the deadlines I can meet. Finally, when the assignment requires it, I call upon my regular partners or a trusted third party.

Happy customers

    What guarantees do you offer?

    My role is to support you and provide you with creative, tailored solutions to help you optimise your visibility. My customers appreciate my responsiveness, availability and unwavering operational support during the collaboration phase. As a freelance, I'm your sole point of contact and my work is inspired by craftsmen in the noblest sense of the word.

    As for the budget, it will always be calibrated as closely as possible to your requirements.

    Specific & customized

    Sometimes converging needs, always tailor-made solutions...

    Web projects

    Technical and functional management of the project. Updates and maintenance.

    Search engines

    SEO friendly - Optimising your website's natural referencing.


    Design, sending and follow-up management of your e-mail newsletters.

    Digital Communication

    Publishing and/or rewriting content. Promoting your brand on social networks.

    Office templates & addins

    Your own branded Microsoft 365 templates, coupled with a .NET extension integrated into the ribbon. This component, developed with a partner, automates the repetitive tasks involved in creating documents (paragraph numbering, table of contents and much more).


    Provision of a detailed user manual.


    On-demand training (including in English) for your employees on site or remotely.


    In the age of artificial intelligence, the greatest
    human skill is no longer knowledge, but imagination.


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